Ultimate Writing Dashboard for Notion

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The ultimate workspace for organizing your writing!

Designed to be a one-stop shop, this template seamlessly organizes every aspect of your writing career; from outlining and drafting to finally publishing and marketing; from drafting a newsletter incentive to social media promotion and freelance work. This updated writing dashboard has everything you'll need!

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The Ultimate Writing Dashboard Includes:

💻 main database for housing all of your content and writing projects

✍️ remade author hub with new series and world databases, updated templates, and a book catalogue database for organizing the details of every version of your published books

✉️ agent and query tracking, as well as a client database for freelance work

📅 daily and monthly logs for daily and forward planning

📱 social media planning, editorial calendar, newsletter template, and a collaboration database

⌛️ a writing session database with a sprint tracker that automatically tracks your word count

📒 a new notebook database for organizing notes into collections

💎 improved finance tracking for income sources, expense types, and different bank accounts

💰 new and updated templates, including a new marketing plan template for sales and campaigns

📈 databases for tracking analytics, storing and organizing assets, and more!

This template is a near-duplicate of my personal system and everything I use Notion for. It's not going to work for everyone. You can read all about how I use Notion (and see many of the features found in this template) in this blog post

NOTE: You will need to have a Notion account to duplicate this template to your workspace. You can sign up for free at Notion.so

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Ultimate Writing Dashboard for Notion

17 ratings
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