Bullet Journal Template for Notion

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Bullet Journal Template for Notion

Alyssa Lost in Space
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A fully functional bullet journal system you can use with your phone!

This bullet journal template for Notion employs the fundamentals to replicate the analogue bullet journal system as closely as possible. It has a clean look, is simple to use, and is formatted to work well no matter your device.

Not sure if you're ready for digital bullet journaling? You can try the Basic Bullet Journal Template for FREE

NOTE: The premium template includes premade pages for 2023, and it will automatically fill your daily and weekly logs starting January 1, 2023. If you wish to use it before then, you will need to create your own daily and weekly logs - a default template is included in the databases.

Premium Template Features:

🔨 pre-made daily, weekly and monthly logs for all of 2023!

📋 databases for daily, weekly and monthly logs that are linked together

⚙️ custom templates for daily, weekly and monthly logs

⏲ a future log for forward planning

🔑 a customizable key for all of the signifiers you want

✅ a daily habit tracker that calculates how well you do per month, and assigns a daily score

📝 a notebook database so you can save key notes from your daily logs

📂 a collection database to create new collections as you need and organize your most important notes

🔒 an archive for storing old notes and logs and keeping your bullet journal uncluttered

NOTE: You will need to have a Notion account to duplicate this template to your workspace. You can sign up for free at

I want this!
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Duplicate this template to your own Notion workspace to start using it. You will also be added to an email list to keep you up-to-date with any changes or updates made to the template.



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